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Crown Foods is a family business with nearly 40 years experience in meeting the food industry’s needs. We provide a wide range of cost effective meal solutions on a national scale across retail, food service and manufacturing.

Our simply portfolio offers a complete range of healthy and easy to prepare options, nutritionally balanced and optimised for taste and quality. We provide a selection of products including frozen poultry, meat, fish, vegetarian, party food, snack food and ambient meals.

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Retail and Wholesale

Suitable for a wide range of retailers - this quality range has been designed exclusively for Retail and Wholesale outlets

School Meals & Education Catering

From Primary to Secondary schools, Colleges to Universities, we provide regulation compliant, tasty and healthy meal options that everyone will love

Profit Sector Catering

Pub, Bar or Restaurant, our healthy, versatile and popular products are designed specifically to compliment your menus

Travel Catering

Rail, Road, Sea or Air, Crown Foods offers simple to prepare, top quality and portion controlled products for 100s of delicious recipes

Care Catering

For Hospitals, Care and Nursing Homes, Crown Foods provides a choice of appetising meals to meet the dietary needs of virtually every patient

Meal Manufacturer

Ready Meal Maker or Catering Company – we offer consistent portion control and IQF options ideal for your meals

Introducing WAT KITCHEN

Let us transport your taste buds to Asia with our Chicken & Rice and Chicken & Noodle combos-to-go, made to authentic recipes with fresh ingredients and chicken breast pieces.

Available from Iceland and other retailers:


Find us online at:

WAT Kitchen

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