Fish with a difference

 Fish with a difference2

1kg Food Service Bags now available 
to Wholesalers and Cash & Carrys

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Mini Fillet Bag

Goujon Bag

MSC Vinegar Infused Tempura Pollock Range

MSC Wild Alaska Pollock Fillet Coated in Our Unique Vinegar Infused Crispy Tempura Batter

• MSC Certified Wild Alaska Pollock
• 100% Fillet
• Boneless & Skinless
• Source of Omega 3
• IQF & Portion Controlled
• Fantastic Flavour Profile
• Designed to Meet School Standards
• Oven Bake.

Fishcake Bag

MSC Tempura Battered Salmon & Sweet Potato Fishcakes 

Wild MSC Alaska Salmon Mixed With Sweet Potato,
Onion & Herb Coated in a Crispy Tempura Batter

• MSC Approved Wild Alaska Salmon
• 100% Fillet - Boneless & Skinless
• High in Omega 3 & Protein
• Low Saturated Fat
• IQF & Portion Controlled
• Naturally Sweet Taste
• Designed to Meet School Food Standards
• Oven Bake


Code Product Units per carton Carton Weight Carton Size
TS612 Fillets 60g 83 5kg (5x1kg) 330x290x155
TS611 Goujons 312 5kg (5x1kg) 325x290x150
TS755 Fishcake 57g 80 4.56g (5x912g) 330x265x160

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