MSC-Certified Gluten-Free Bubble Coated Fish

MSC-Certified Gluten-Free Bubble Coated Fish Fillets.
A proven success already in school meals up and down the country.

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🐟 School Meal Success: Delight your children, grandchildren or friends with

our MSC-certified gluten-free bubble coated fish fillets. These fillets are not just

a meal, but a taste-packed experience that students love and parents trust.

🌊 MSC-Certified Sustainability: Sourced responsibly from salmon and

pollock, our fillets carry the MSC certification, ensuring both ocean health and

delicious dining.

🍽️ Top Seller: Across the country, our fish fillets reign as the ultimate school

meal favourite. The irresistible crunch and flavour make them a hit with kids,

while parents appreciate the quality.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Loved by All: It's a rare treat loved by kids and parents alike. The bubble

coated fillets add excitement to menus while maintaining a gluten-free delight.

🌱 Inclusively Delicious: Embrace diverse dietary needs without

compromising taste. Our gluten-free bubble coated fish fillets cater to everyone.


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